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Tea Ceremony [Nov. 13th, 2006|09:35 am]
Fans of Japan in Western Pennsylvania


I attended a tea ceremony class last Thursday and, not surprisingly, I wore kimono. The class was a nice overview of the tradition and history of tea and the evolution of the Japanese ceremony that surrounds it. I brought along my tea utensils and had the opportunity to share them with the class as some of the items I had the teacher did not.

I wore a very pale blue all season single mon kimono with a gold and ivory obi and an ivory and gold obiage and obijime. I also had the opportunity to use a new date eri on the kimono to accent the collar in the golden color seen in the kimono's hem design.

I apologize for the visible fold line in the obi, I didn't have time to steam it out, and I was trying to better match my height with the width of the obi to keep the ascetics of proportions correct, I think it looked OK, but I will still make it a bit narrower next time.