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Mojuko at the Lincoln Center! [Nov. 7th, 2006|06:21 pm]
Fans of Japan in Western Pennsylvania


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I had a fantastic time at the Lincoln Center! I arrived early so I could load in my kimono and katsura and take the time to meet everyone. Everyone was getting ready for the final tech/dress rehersal and I was amazed as I watched the dressers help the ladies into their costumes for rehearsal. I meet, buyoka, a wonderful and charming lady, and she introduced me to some of the cast.

I took a little time in the afternoon to wander the city with Robb, who had been kind enough to drive me. We wandered into times square and thru the fashion district, I took him to my favorite trim store and we ate Thai food.

I returned to the theater around 4 to start makeup and dressing. My makeup went on well and I even managed the prongs in the back without help. Practice makes perfect!

The delight of all delights was having the dresser and buyoka help me into my hikizuri kimono. I have never had it tied so beautifully! I learned new things about hikizuri kitsuke and why it is nesessary for the geisha and maiko to have dressers. When I finished dressing and buyoka tied my obi, I was escorted to the lobby at the front of the house where I awaited the doors of the theater to open to the public.Once open I helped hand out the 25th anniversary booklets for the opera. I was well recieved and had several nice compliments.

once the show started, I watched parts of the opera from back stage and then went into the house to watch it with the audience. The performance was stunning! I didn't see enough of it to follow the entire plot but it really didn't matter, I loved every moment I spent there meeting new people and sharing my love of kimono!

Thank you to everyone who made my day so special, especially buyoka. It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to help create the atmospeare you desired for your show!!!

In the lobby waiting for the doors to open...

Passing out programs and posing for pictures...

And the back of my neck all painted...

The most interesting element of the kitsuke differences was wrapping the hips. Where as you wrap a normal kimono in a column, keeping your lines straight...

Hikizuri are wrapped with more figure.

Also the wrap we do on a regular kimono is done at a comfortable taught, hikizuri are wraped tight...I mean TIGHT! The dresser almost knocked me over she wrapped it so tight and she was exerting more force on my kimono than I would have thought it could stand. She had to press herself against me to hold it in place while she put the koshihimo in place.
it is the upward wrapping style that helps the hikizuri's hem stay open so beautifully, the panel is pulled up as it crosses the side and front of the body pulling the front line of the kimono out of straight,it is this out of straight fabric that wants to stay so beautifully open.