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Fans of Japan in Western Pennsylvania
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What exactly is this community for?

This community is for lovers of all different aspects of Japan that hail from the Steel City. Whether anime, fashion, music icons, or just Japan in general be your thing, and you hail from somewhere close to Pittsburgh, this is a community for you.

Its main purpose is to meet other people around the western Pennsylvania area that are interested in Japan. The community is used to create meetups of all sorts, advertise for Japanese-related events, find study groups, or simply to make new friends on Livejournal.

What are the rules?

I. Your post must somehow be related to both Japan and the Pittsburgh area, obviously.

II. Advertising for other communities is prohibited, unless they coincide with Rule I.

III. No swearing or flaming, please.

IV. All pictures must be under a cut.

V. The maintainer of the community is not responsible for any events or meetups that may take place that have been posted in the community.

VI. The maintainer has the right to delete any posts deemed inappropriate.

VII. Though not really a rule, it would be nice if you could introduce yourself when you join the community. It's just simple courtesy, and would be easier in finding friends of whatever aspect of Japan you're interested in. =D

Who owns this community?

You can call me Yusei. To work with the Japanese culture is my dream, and I am studying very hard to learn the language and get into the University of Pittsburgh. I am in JASP (Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania), and have taken 5 years of Japanese language at my high school in Shaler. I want to be an interpreter or translator of the Japanese language, but if that plan falls through, I'll be happy being a Japanese language teacher in America.

You can find my personal livejournal at radiantgrimoire. I love making new friends interested in the same thing as me, so leave a comment and I'll be sure to add you.

Here are some other livejournal communities that are Japan and Western PA related.

If you know of any other ones, let me know and I will list them here.

Anime and video game links

tekkoshocon : An anime convention based in Pittsburgh, PA.
pa_anime : An anime community based around Pennsylvania.
nds_pittsburgh : A community for the Nintendo DS based around Pittsburgh.
deathcom_fans : A cosplay photo company's community based around Pittsburgh.

J-fashion links

pgh_lolita : A community for Gothic Lolita around eastern OH/western PA.